Down at the Old Church Bazaar

A 1935 popular song by Bill Barry, Jean Herbert and Milton Ager.

Sheet music provided by Laurence Rubenstein:

Backing track by James Pitt-Payne:

Song demo with vocal by Fred Feild:


  1. Through this old family album as I fondly look
    I picture a bygone scene
    Turning the pages of memory’s book
    Once more you’re Sweet Sixteen

I just can’t forget that summer evening when we met
Down at the old church bazaar
I still see you there in gingham gown and golden hair
Down at the old church bazaar
I see the Jack-o-lanterns swaying
Hear the organ playing
You were softly saying, “I love you, Sweetheart!”
How I bless the day, the day you stole my heart away
Down at the old church bazaar

  1. Treasured mem’ries that slumber awake now and then
    To bring back an Easter morn
    Mem’ry awakens and I live again
    That moment love was born