The Goblin Man

A 1904 popular song from “The Girl and the Bandit”. Words by Ed. Rose. Music by Ted Snyder.

The sheet music can be viewed here:

Accompaniment midi by James Pitt-Payne:

Demo sung by Vancha March:


  1. Have you heard of the goblin man?
    Great big mouth and eyes
    Always carries a fryin’ pan
    Takes you by surprise
    Comes at night when all is quiet
    Puts you in his pan
    You had best keep out of sight
    From the goblin man

Gobble, gobble, gobble, dat’s de goblin man
He comes for to cook you in his fryin’ pan
I want my dinner didn’t eat today
I’m goin’ to get ev’rybody in my way
Oh, I’m awful hungry, so you best lay low
Or into my fryin’ pan you’ll surely go
You better run just as fast as you can
Gobble, gobble, gobble, gobble, dat’s de goblin man

  1. Always looks for naughty boys
    Boys that stay out late
    He’s attracted by their noise
    For them lies in wait
    Puts them in his fryin’ pan
    Cooks them one by one
    If you’re out late, the goblin man
    Perhaps, for you will come