When Jamie Comes Over the Sea

A 1879 popular song. Words by John Keynton. Music by Charles E. Pratt.

Demo sung by Fred Feild:


  1. When Jamie comes over the sea
    To fauld me again to his heart
    How fond wi’ that gentle heart be
    To know that we never s’all part
    For tho’ he is roamin’ afar
    I know that he ne’er will forget
    The lassie he left lang ago
    With sunny bright tears of regret

So life may be wearie and sad
It makes little matter to me
For oh, my puir heart will be glad
When Jamie comes over the sea

  1. When Jamie comes over the sea
    He’ll gie me he flow’r that I gave
    The gloamin’ he parted from me
    To wander across the sad wave
    I greet for him earlie and late
    The lad that I ken is so true
    Oh, wearie the moments have gane
    Since last time I bade him adieu
  2. When Jamie comes over the sea
    My heart will no longer be sore
    He’s still all the world unto me
    The lad that I love and adore
    I’ll welcome him hame with a kiss
    And never again s’all we part
    My dear sailor lad s’all ne’er miss
    The lassie he keeps in his heart

Sheet music suggested by Peter Masri:


Midi sequence by James Pitt-Payne: