I Give You All You Ask

A 1911 popular song. This is a sequel to the song All That I Ask Of You Is Love. Words by Edgar Selden. Music by Melville J. Gideon.

The sheet music:

Accompaniment midi by James Pitt-Payne:

Song demo with vocal by Vancha March:


  1. You say you care not for the world
    Or if it mock and jeer
    You care not for its smiles or frowns
    If I were always near
    And so I take you at your word
    And pledge my love to you
    For from the first time that you asked
    My heart told me you knew

I give you all you ask
All of my love I give
And to you I will be true as long as I shall live
You have no need to seek
I know no sweeter task
All, all you crave, when you asked, I gave
I give you all you ask

  1. You need not go to heights or depths
    To prove your love is true
    Your kisses tell me more than words
    That naught can part us two
    For me you say, you’d give your soul?
    Well, I’d give mine for you
    This world holds nothing else for me
    Without you life is through