The songs in this collection are popular songs from the past, up to and including the year 1922. Find most of them at the Sheet Music Consortium. They are free and online thanks to many university libraries who have digitized their donated collections.


Fred Feild

Hi! My name is Fred Feild. I started as a fiddle player looking for square dance music. In that quest I became aware of Richard Jackson’s great book Popular Songs of Nineteenth Century America in 1997. I was delighted to see that we have documentation for many songs I previously thought were folk music. I saw that through the printed arrangements of publishers I could get closer to sources. Then I wanted to play the piano and learn to read music.

Have fun listening to our song recordings. Here you will find mp3s and song descriptions for hundreds of old songs. If you have a high speed connection, you can watch these songs and our full 1922 collection on YouTube channel: Sheet Music Singer.