I Got Mine

A 1901 popular song. Words by John Queen. Music by Chas. Cartwell. Published by Howley Haviland & Dresser.

The sheet music:

Backing sequence by James Pitt-Payne:

Song demo, vocal by Fred Feild:


1. I went out a to a nigger crap game
It was against my will
The coons took all my money except
One greenback dollar bill
There was a hundred-dollar bet upon the table
The nigger’s point was nine
Just then the coppers stepped through the door
But I got mine

I got mine, boys, I got mine
I grabbed that hundred-dollar bill
Thro’ the window I did climb
Ever since then I’ve worn good clothes
Living on chicken and wine
I’m the leader of society
Since I got mine

2. I went out to a turkey feast
The eatables were fine
Half hour before that table was set
The coons all formed in line
When they brought that buzzard in
Their eyes began to shine
They wouldn’t wait but started to grab
But I got mine

I got mine, boys, I got mine
Getting to that piece of fowl
I had one horrible time
One coon grabbed that eagle by the neck
I snatched on behind
The coon in front thought he had the whole thing
But I got mine

3. I went out for to visit my gal
The hour it was about nine
Dressed up like one millionaire
And feeling right in line
I caught her sitting on another nigger’s lap
Now that ain’t a very good sign
I told her what I thought of him
Then I got mine

I got mine, boys, I got mine
That nigger pulled his shotgun out
nd used it mighty fine
I tried to get through the window but
I couldn’t get through in time
I eat my meals from a mantelpiece
Since I got mine