Step 3 – Choose a Song

Look down through the song list. We have located many songs for you to sing. Some of them have not been recorded yet. We provide the sheet music and midi for each one making the process easier for you.


Author: Fred

Fred Feild's email is I use Cubase to recreate old popular songs from sheet music. On this site you can listen to full songs you can't find elsewhere. I can show you how I create them.

1 thought on “Step 3 – Choose a Song”

  1. My Mother taught me, Sitting in the corner, they pass me by. No one ever sees me, I wonder why? For there is no one to see me, so if there’s no one to see you, you!d be sitting in the corner, the same as me. I am 87 & I was taught this in the late 1930’s

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