Covid-19 Statement

We recommend you isolate yourself in a sound-proof booth and listen to many of our song recordings. This will do two things: keep you safe and increase your awareness of great music.

When you go out it is a wonderful gesture to wear a mask over your mouth and nose. But staying home and recording songs is even better. In this case you will need to remove the mask to make a nice, clear vocal recording. This will inspire others to stay at home and listen to you sing.

Who We Are

We have found a large amount of sheet music online. We see these historical documents as cultural artifacts that have been preserved over time. We use modern technology to hear the musical arrangements and demonstrate these songs vocally.

It is thrilling to excavate a long forgotten gem that still has value. If you love to explore music and want to discover more songs, join us. You can learn this new way to sing and become a sheet music singer yourself!

Thomas “Daddy” Rice

What We Do

We pair sheet music pdfs found online with midi files. Each singer chooses a song from the alphabetical title list then uses the pdf and midi to learn the song. The song vocal is recorded with the midi and is output as an mp3. The result is uploaded to the appropriate song page. Each audio recording is made into a video for YouTube.

We try not to duplicate our efforts in order to cover more and more unique songs. This is an ongoing process. Eventually this collection of song demos will grow quite large and be a wonderful resource for the world.

Step 1 – Look at Sheet Music

We give you pdfs for hundreds of sheet music songs on this website. Follow these steps to see them:

  1. Look down through the song list for a title that looks interesting.
  2. Click on the title to open the song’s info page.
  3. Click on the words SHEET MUSIC in all caps to open the song’s pdf.
  4. OR click on the link given which will take you to a website where you can click “View sheet music” or “Download”. It won’t actually download, it will load into your screen memory.
  5. Scroll down to see all the pages of the pdf.

Step 2 – Preview Songs

You can do this with a computer. If using a phone you may need a second device. No need to print anything out.

  1. Open the song’s page on this website
  2. Open the song’s sheet music in a new tab
  3. Go back to the song’s page and start the song’s midi playing
  4. Go to the sheet music tab and follow along with the midi notes

Using this method you can check out a bunch of songs quickly. Have fun reading and listening!